Aaaaand….. I’m out of work again!

Got home from work on Friday to a phone call from the temp agency telling me not to go back in on Monday. They started a project without all the back up ready and the basics weren’t in place for us to really get going.

OK, so that’s another reason to head south. My wife’s idea is for me to just stop looking for work and put all my energy into our move. We’ve notified all our kids and her father. So, now we’re “on record” for this move.

This will probably be my last blog post here. At some point I’ll start another, more up-beat, account of our move.

Good luck to all my friends out there who are unemployed. I hope you find something. I gave it my best shot but it didn’t work. So, now for a sharp, 90 degree turn toward 9 degrees from the equator!