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Anyone who’s gone through a job search, and looked at the job boards every day, will start collecting the names of companies that continually advertise the same job – and never seem to interview anyone.

This time around the winner seems to be PwC. Yes, fans, Price Waterhouse Coopers! They’ve been advertising for purchasing consultants for at least the last two months and no one I know who’s in the job hunt has received so much as an email from these guys.

Come on, PwC. If you need to advertise this job every day for more than two months you’re either bringing in so much business you have to keep hiring to take care of all the new clients, or, maybe you can’t keep employees because you’re not a very good place to work, or you have an H/R department that’s REALLY bad (maybe you could get a few H/R consultants to help you out). I know, you’ve figured out some way to make money out of collecting resumes.

Don’t know what the answer is but, I guarantee that no one who knows what they’re doing in this business will want to talk to you if you ever do call.