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Another one. A few weeks ago I received an email from a recruiter at Robert Half to let me know about an opening that right up my alley. I called her, discussed the position and qualifications, and she was hot to get me in there for an interview.

On the appointed day I showed up all spit and polish. I was ready to wow them. We had what I thought was a very productive talk. While talking I mentioned another position, also being advertised by Robert Half, that also seemed a good fit for my background. She told me she’d look into that one for me and get right back. Then she asked if I had ever considered consulting.

It seems that Robert Half runs their own consulting business, who knew? Even better was that, while on their staff, the consultants are paid – even if Robert Half doesn’t have an assignment for them. This was sounding great! I told her I was very interested in this and the other two positions and, while the manager for the consulting arm wasn’t in that day she really wanted me to talk to their manager, who she promptly rounded up and brought in.

Once again, a good discussion. He seemed eager to get me going on these three possible positions and promised to get back to me the following week.

You guessed it. The next week came…. and went. I followed up by email and phone and, no responses.

Robert Half, if this is how you treat your candidates I shudder at how you treat your clients. I guess it’s working for you, based on the swank offices you seem to enjoy. As they say…. “I wish you continued mediocre success.” And, by the way, many times the purchasing and contracts department is involved in deciding who the temp agency will be.

I can’t wait for one of your reps to show up the next time I’m sitting behind the desk.