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One of the rules I’ve heard about interviewing is that you should never wear a brown suit or brown shoes to the interview. Also, don’t wear a sport coat. Wear a white or blue shirt with a conservative suit.

But, make yourself stand out. Right.

Some years ago I worked at a company where the QC manager was trying to fill a position. She’d reviewed hundreds of resumes and interviewed a number of people without success. Finally I saw her in the hall one day and asked how it was going. She told me she was taking a candidate out to lunch for his third interview – and this was probably the one she’d select.

Later on that day I asked how it had gone. “I’m not hiring this one. He didn’t order the same thing I did for lunch, so I know he won’t want to follow my lead in the department.”

If you’re looking for any kind of sense in the job hunt world you’re wasting your time.