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Pick up any day’s newspaper and you’re likely to find an article about the rising costs of health care. It’s been going on for years! And, over the years, I’ve had several occasions to apply for work in the health care industry.

I haven’t yet seen an opening at a hospital that doesn’t include the requirement for previous health care experience. Doesn’t matter what the job is, gotta have previous health care experience. Accounting? Need experience. A/P? Gotta have health care background. Purchasing? Health care experience required.

I can certainly understand that they’d want their health care professionals to have health care experience. But, the “back office” jobs? I wouldn’t want an accountant taking my blood pressure but they seem think it’s really important for their purchasing people to have been born and raised in that environment.

How’s that working out for you folks? Getting those costs under control? No? Gosh, maybe you’d want to think about learning something from another industry. Or, maybe you’d like to keep doing the same things and getting the same results.