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Ran across an article by Stephen Balzac about the Paradox of Hiring for Perfection that’s absolutely on target. From the standpoint of someone who’s actually looking for work it (painfully) points out the problems of finding a job!

At the same time, though, that the employer is asking for the impossible in the prospective employee they’re usually advertising the impossible in terms of what a great place they are to work at. So, what happens?

They decide they’ll lower their standards and hire you, once they realize they can’t find perfection. You have no choice, really, but to take the job – gotta pay those bills! Then, once you’ve worked there a while and everyone discovers you’re not as perfect the employer decides maybe they’ll just start looking – again.

The last few jobs I’ve had have been exactly like this. I worked at one where they’d had 8 people in the position in the previous two years. My last job lasted about a year and a half – after they’re had three people in a year.

Hey, I can do just about anything in my field. The last 15 years have been a string of jobs lasting no longer than two years – in different industries. I’ve learned a TON in that time. And – one of the things I’ve learned is that hiring managers generally don’t know what they need, haven’t a clue about what they can get, and aren’t willing to change their procedures to those that will actually work.