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I’ve blogged about recruiters that make money off of collecting resumes and interviewing people, and about employers with crazy expectations about the kind of people who’ll work for them.

Maybe I can make money off of giving out glowing references for people I don’t even know?


I’m only half joking about this. But, I had two calls last week to check references for people I used to work with. One was for a guy who called me ahead of time to let me know there would be a call about a job he’d applied for. I worked with this guy six or seven years ago and we’ve kept in touch, on and off, since then.

The other was about a guy I worked with who didn’t bother to reach out to me after I left that job; who didn’t seem to care how I was doing in my job search; who hasn’t been any kind of resource for me.

Guess who got the reference?