I started this blog to do a little ranting and raving about the unpleasant task of looking for a job at my age. Some of what I (and others like me) go through is funny and some is pathetic. But, when you’re, to a large extent, at the mercy of people who don’t know or don’t care what they’re doing it’s good to have an outlet for the inevitable frustration. Still, I’ll admit that I have a part in the fact that I’ve had so many jobs over these many years.

I was at a meeting last night where someone talked about their reaction to stress and life’s difficulties. They said they tend to react by wanting to fight or flee the situation, and that’s also what I tend to do.

I truly believe in what I do. And, I believe I’m good at what I do. So, when I run into people and situations where my contribution is unwanted, avoided, or discounted, I get my hackles up – and go for the kill. Not the best way to make friends and influence people, and it’s been one of my professional problems. At times, though, I’ve decided that if management doesn’t want me to do the job the “right way” that’s OK too. I go with the flow, and when things don’t work out, expect management to see where they’ve been wrong. That usually doesn’t work out very well either.

If I can land another job my goal is to engage in constructive discussions with my peers in other departments. Maybe I’ll change the name of this blog to 62andworkingagain – and keep you updated on my progress. I hope this dog isn’t too old to learn some new tricks.