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The food stamp program (WIC) has been in the news a lot lately. I’m lucky that my wife’s working part time, we have some savings, and I don’t qualify. But, my friend Glenn just applied. He hadn’t done this before because he didn’t have an address. So, he’s using mine as his “residence” and waiting for the first envelope to come in.

It will be tough for him because he has no way to actually cook anything. But, he’s looking forward to being able to get something a little more healthy than he can scrounge out of the dumpster. It’s tough being out of work, for both of us. It’s tougher for him, though, because he’s on the street.

I’ve also been reading the posts by the guy who’s president of Panera Bread Company. Seems he decided to try it all out and set himself a limit of about $37.00 for his one week test. He’d have had a more realistic experience if he’d taken the bus to the store, but I give him credit for trying it out and using his position to publicize the experience.

This is not an area where we, as a society, should cut costs. Our checkbooks are moral documents and we need to take a look at our personal as well as governmental checkbooks to see how we’re doing.