It’s a tired phrase but, like most tired phrases, it makes at least some sense.

I’ve been trying to think outside the box to leave the world of unemployment but, increasingly, I’ve been thinking about thinking outside the box as a way to leave the rat race of working. I think I’ve found a way.

Took a look at some of the numbers the other day. I can start social security soon at about $1,500 a month. I can also start the pension from the one job I managed to hold on to for a while and bring in about $300. That’s it. My wife and I will have to figure out how to live on $1,800 a month. We have no equity in our house, and no savings. Taking six months off to look for another job every couple of years kind of does that to you. It looks pretty bleak but that’s the reality of society and economy. Since the recession began the only people who’ve made any progress are those that already had wealth. The game is rigged and I’m too old to fight it any more.

So, to hell with it. I’ll keep looking for employment but, at the same time, we’ll put things in motion to just get out of Dodge and head for central America. The place we have in mind has no income tax, national health care, great climate. From what I can tell we’ll be able to rent a fully furnished apartment on the beach for about $750 a month. In a few more years my wife will start her SS and mine will go up. Things will get better.

What’s the alternative? Even if I get another job I’m not looking forward to working for a few more years until I drop dead of a heart attack. Better to enjoy myself on less income than to kill myself on more.

No more crazy bosses and moronic recruiters for this boy.