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Not much funny to report on my most recent week of job hunting. The phone is obviously not working because I received no calls from recruiters about anything at all.

I ran across a great job at a company where I actually know some of the people on the inside. Not only was it a great job but I know for a fact that I’m perfectly qualified for it. I shot off an email to my inside guy asking if he could give me some insight into it – who’s it report to and the like. And, nothing from him.

Sent another email to a friend who manages a warehouse asking him to keep my friend Glenn in mind if he ever needs any stock pullers. And, nothing from him.

A few weeks ago a woman my wife knows asked me to send her my resume. I did that and she got right back to me to let me know she was investigating a possible opening. Sent her a follow up on Monday. And, nothing from her.

Yep, the phone is obviously not working because I’m sure these people would have been in touch.