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Maybe I’m just out of sync with my own generation AND with the next. I ran across an article comparing boomers and millennial on the job.

  • 80% of millennials think they should be allowed flex time, vs only 69% from my generation. I guess I’m a millennial. They’ll get used to the idea of 8:00 to 5:00 when they don’t have a choice.
  • Millennials appreciate constant feedback while boomers prefer more autonomy. I guess in this respect I’m true to my boomer heritage. Leave me alone to get the job done.
  • Millennials tend to seek the opinions of others prior to making a decision, boomers (because of their years of experience) make their own decisions. Hey, I’m a youngster again. Except that I’m more comfortable with getting the team on board with decisions because I believe it’s important that we all understand what we’re doing AS A TEAM.

Here’s where it gets interesting for me.

  • Millennials are more comfortable in the digital world. I don’t know where they get this. I consistently been the software guru where I’ve worked. Not only that, but I understand WHY I’m using the technology the way I do – something those kids don’t.
  • More than 61% of millennials think they should get a promotion ever few years for doing a good job. Only 43% of us boomers expect that. Hell, I’d be happy to just KEEP my job for more than a few years. Thinking back on it, I figured I’d be promoted if I did a great job. It was only later I learned that it didn’t work that way.
  • 20-somethings are less loyal than their parents. Millennials only expect to stay at a job about 2 years, vs 7 for us older workers. Boy, have they got a shock coming. They may think they’ll change jobs every few years by their own decision. Little do they know that they are raw material to be used up and discarded when management needs to make the quarterly earnings numbers. I don’t know how the question was worded but I suspect this is more a matter of desire than expectation. I’d just love to stay somewhere for the next 7 years. Do I EXPECT to stay there that long? Not a chance.

At my age I’d like to find one more job and stay there as long as I can. But, based on my track record that will probably only be three of four years. Longer than a millennial but, I’ll split the difference with them.