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Yesterday was spent like most days – looking for the job.

Buried in the mass of job alerts I get each day was one for a position I’d never held, but which was closely related to my field. I went through the usual drill of checking LinkedIn for anyone who I might know that works at that company. I had no 1st level connections but plenty of 2nd level possibilities. So, I looked at each of their profiles to see if there were any that might be open to connecting. Nothing doing. On to the next job possibility.

Later in the day, though, I received an invitation to connect from one of the “big shots” at the company, with a message asking me if I had any background that would be applicable to their opening. I accepted the invitation and spent three hours crafting a response showing how my background would make me a good fit for their requirement. No response.

Until this morning, when I saw an email from him letting me know that he’d be in touch regarding the job I’d really be qualified for.

Like a yo-yo. Up and down. Now I’ll be up for a few hours until I don’t hear from him. Then I’ll be down. Hopefully I’ll get a call and be up again.

Saying some prayers that I get through all this and land an interview with these people.