I might just shoot out a few of these to those companies that run the SAME jobs every day for months and months…. you know who you are.

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Dear sir or madam whom I possess a great reverent fear of,

My name doesn’t matter yet because i’m on autopilot from applying after 30 jobs online tonight, and I am writing with interest in the job, or literally any job within your company, advertised on your website.

My skills are in reality varied and multifunctional, but for the purpose of this specific job I will exaggerate just the skills you are specifically looking for. I am fully prepared to spend my days drudging through absolutely whatever tedious work assignments you may need me to do, even if they have nothing to do with what I am passionate about or talented in. As an employee, I will wait patiently for the opportunity to actually implement “strategic community engagement” or “dynamic design philosophy” and not have that really mean “manage a forum for someone else” or “follow instruction from misinformed clients”

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