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Yesterday I had an interview (first REAL interview since this all started). If I had a chance to write my own job description this would be it. I’m telling you, I can delivery exactly what they want – and more – and I’d be great at it. The company is actually growing, and they’re ready to take the next steps toward building a professional department, and I’m ready to help with it. And – the pay is about 25% better than what I was making before.

Talked to a couple of their “C” level execs and they asked if I’d be available in the next few days to talk to their president. Replaying any interview I can always think of things I wish I’d said. Not in this case. I can’t think of anything I missed saying or said the wrong way. Beyond handling the interview well it turns out that I have exactly the skill set they advertised and the set they told me they really need. And it’s a skill set not all that common in my field.

Left the interviews around noon yesterday and hoped I’d hear something from them by now. But, nothing happening. Trying not to get too excited, I’ve been through this before and it’s no fun when the days go by with no response. I keep telling myself they’re busy and they will get back to me.

We’ll see.