I’ve run through all the daily job postings and they’re all the same. I’ve either applied for them, I’m obviously unqualified (or way overqualified), or they’re the same jobs that have been posted every day for the last three months. PwC must be an absolutely awful place to work if they can’t manage to fill those same jobs they’ve been advertising.

Still haven’t heard back from the people I interviewed with last week. That was the place where I thought the interview went great – and they gushed all over and told me they’d like to set up a day for me to meet the president of the company. I’ve followed up but, at this point, I guess it’s time to scratch that company off the list.

Too cold and wet to get out on the bicycle so I guess today will be a day of cleaning the house. The vacuum is sitting over there in the corner staring at me. Ain’t life grand?