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One of the interesting things about blogging is reading the other blogs out there dealing with your subject. Since I’m looking for work I check out recruiter’s blogs to see what they’re thinking.

Today I saw one from some recruiting expert that says the trend with the companies he’s dealing with is to want people with 100% of the qualifications they need AND people who come from companies that have the same culture as their own. Let’s think about this a little. First, if I already have all the skills you need, and I’m at a company that has the same culture as yours, why would I be looking for a job with you? Second, if you really want someone who works well in your company culture, why haven’t you developed the people already working for you to move up in your company? Why are you looking outside? Why would I want to take a job that doesn’t stretch my talents at a company that doesn’t promote from within and interested in change?