Wow, I can’t believe it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. It seems that I’ve been very busy doing a lot and accomplishing not much. Such is the life of the unemployed. So, what’s the latest around here?

First I’ll finish the story of Glenn. As you might remember, he was a homeless guy my wife and I invited into our home. At the time the weather was getting colder here and he was sleeping outside. It seemed like the right thing to do for a guy down on his luck. Well, he got an ID, applied for food stamps, and started a training program that would, hopefully, get him a job. In his spare time he would play around an an old lap top with some kind of on-line game. He was respectful of our privacy and pretty much stayed in his room – only joining us for meals and once in a while for a movie. Turns out he “met” a lady on the game who invited him for a visit. After a few trips to her town he decided move in with her. He’s now landed a job there and seems to be doing well. I’ll glad for him.

As for me? Still no job. Almost a year of unemployment and still no work. The last few months HAVE brought some interviews but no offers.

Back in November I had an interview set up with a firm about eight miles from the house. There are various aspects to what I do and the particular skills this job required were 1) exactly what I’m really good at and 2) exactly those that I enjoy. The evening before the interview they called to tell me a hiring freeze had been put in place. I’ve been watching this one, and waiting, ever since, and about a month ago they called again to tell me things were moving again and they wanted to schedule a visit. I went in, had what I thought was a great interview, and was told they’d be making a decision that week. Well, I’ve been following up with them weekly since then and – they still haven’t made a decision. My last email was last Friday and now they’ve gone silent. My sense is that they will at least let me know if they select someone else but who knows? The longer it drags on the more discouraging it gets.

Meanwhile, I’ve had several interviews around town. A few fell into the category of “Hey I wouldn’t hire me for that job” but there were some where I felt I pretty much nailed the interview and knew I would enjoy. As one quickly learns in the job hunting business, don’t EVER expect them to give you the respect of letting you know you didn’t get selected. My opinion of human resources continues to decline.

When you’re looking for work you always think about what you can do, should do, could have done, to increase the odds. My resume is good, I know how to interview well, and I’m a pretty sharp dresser. I have the qualifications. I can’t do anything about my age and I’m beginning to believe that’s what killing me.

So, what to do? My wife and I are beginning to think we’ll go after this with a two-pronged approach. First, keep up the hard work looking for employment but, at the same time, consider throwing in the towel altogether and facing the fact that I’ll be out of work from now on. We’ve exhausted what little savings we had and are looking at losing our home. Things are bleak.

Throwing in the towel means looking for someplace where we can live on my social security and, from my research, that pretty much rules out anywhere in the US. So, we’re considering Central America. Belize, Panama, Costa Rica are all possibilities. Not what I would have predicted even a few years ago but I guess we need to be “willing to be willing” as far as life is concerned. Who knows? This blog might shift from my life of looking for work to a story about getting rid of all our possessions, packing a couple of suitcases, and booking a flight south. Life continues to be an adventure.