I got all spiffed up on Monday for two interviews. Went in to the first one and, after talking for about fifteen minutes, the guy looked at me and asked if I could start on Monday. Thank you Lord! It’s not the kind of money I’d like to be making but it’s also a six month contract gig. So, it will tide me over until something better comes along, I hope. This is a national company that’s re-branding their stores and the job is to manage the materials involved – signage, carpeting, displays, equipment, and the rest during the process. It should be interesting.

The second interview was cancelled at the last minute but I spoke to them this morning and set it up for tomorrow. The recruiter is trying to get me lined up to go speak with the hiring manager tomorrow afternoon – to try and get me hired there before the first job starts on Monday. This one would be much closer to my skill set. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll soon have two firm offers from which to choose.

Isn’t this the way it seems to work? Feast or famine.

Meanwhile, I also left a call with the recruiter at a company I’ve been talking to since November. This is the one I’d really like to get but they seem to really take their time. A friend of a friend works there and I understand they took quite a long time to get him on board. So, despite the fact that the recruiter isn’t calling me back I haven’t given up hope.

If you’re a prayerful person now would be a good time.