I’ve been on my temp assignment for three days now. Enough to get a feel for the place and, so far, so good. Nice bunch of people, the work isn’t hard at all (I was doing this stuff 25 years ago), and they seem to appreciate my contribution. The location is pretty good and the view from my window on the 22nd floor is impressive.

In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that the pay rate stinks I’d really like to stick around. I’ll be making some contacts within the company to see if there are any openings elsewhere for my talents.

The bad news is that two jobs I’d been working on are definitely off the table. They’ve hired someone else in one case and, in the other case, have elected not to even interview me. So, as of now, there’s nothing on the horizon. I’m continuing to prospect for new leads and cultivate them; and hoping something comes along quickly because even with this job I’m not making the bills, just going down the hole a little slower than before.

It does seem that things are changing. I’ve received a couple of calls from recruiters in the past week. Unfortunately, one was for a job I’d already been recruited (and passed over) for, the other was for a job where I’m not remotely qualified. Recruiters and HR people are all idiots and it’s a wonder anyone gets a job. But I digress. The good news is that things are starting to move on the job front. For that, I’m very grateful.